Preferred Program Frequently Asked Questions

How must does it cost?

The average season ticket holder spends $2,000-$3,000 a year on tickets. Ticket King is opening its more than $5 billion in ticket inventory to preferred customers for just $5,000 — an investment that rolls over year to year if you don’t spend it all.

How is Ticket King Preferred different?

Ticket King Preferred is a wholly owned and innovative program conceived and launched by Ticket King. Ticket King was established by sports and entertainment fans who have evolved with the business of ticket brokering since the 1980s. From selling tickets on a street corner in Madison, Wis., to founding tech-savvy storefronts in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Minneapolis and St. Paul, the owners behind Ticket King believe in a quality and credible way to purchase tickets. That’s why they are the trusted partner or preferred secondary ticket provider of several professional sports teams.

When you purchase tickets through Ticket King Preferred, you are purchasing directly from the source. We own 90 percent of our billions in inventory. In fact, aggregators like StubHub are valued customers of Ticket King that provide broad-based marketing to reach more potential customers. As a wholesaler, Ticket King already provides competitive prices. As a member of Ticket King Preferred, you are guaranteed an additional 10% discount per ticket as advertised on the Ticket King site.

What if I already have season tickets?

Ticket King loves our season ticket holders and has strong relationships with professional sports teams in Minnesota and Wisconsin. That’s why through Ticket King Preferred, we can help you manage your season tickets in a way that makes sense for your entertainment preferences — and allows other fans to enjoy the games, too! For example, we can arrange to exchange some tickets for other entertainment on our site or help you sell tickets you can’t use.

Basically, you can now enjoy your favorite sports teams and have Ticket King Preferred manage the tickets for you.

What if I don’t want to invest $5,000?

Because Ticket King is making an investment in our visionary fans who believe in the value of entertainment for their lives and businesses, we have set a minimum investment of $5,000 per account. This gives you a 10% across the board ticket discount as well as premium early access to popular tickets before we release them to the public. This kind of preferred status is not for everyone, but keep in mind that any unused funds after one year will roll into the next year. Once the funds are gone, you can choose to renew or walk away. There are no minimum contracts.

Can I share the investment?

One individual, company or organization is named on each account. However, you can choose to fund the account however you like. Ticket King Preferred can also provide personal access codes to more than one user to purchase tickets. You will receive a monthly statement that outlines your purchases and balance remaining.

How do I order tickets?

Through our proprietary Ticket King Preferred portal, you will receive a user code that lets you purchase tickets at the stated discount. It is the same simple interface as the Ticket King main website, making purchasing simple and fast. Fill your shopping cart and check out. Ticket King Preferred will deduct the purchase amount from your balance and notify you of when your tickets will arrive or how you can pick them up.

How many people can access the account?

Ticket King Preferred is a secure portal that has been developed based on our years of experience as an online ticket broker. You can designate approved users, and we can send you a personal access code for each of those users. In fact, Ticket King Preferred can issue a one-time access code as a gift for a client, employee or referral.

How is my account managed?

Through Ticket King Preferred, you can set up your account as an individual, company or organization. We will add your $5,000 to the account and that’s it. You can start shopping. Each month, we will send you an electronic statement of your purchases and account balance. If you have any questions, we have real customer account managers (right in Minnesota or Wisconsin) to answer phone or email.

In addition, Ticket King Preferred will notify you of upcoming hot tickets before we release them to the public site. You will be “in the know” before your neighbors about amazing events coming to your area.

What if I decide this just doesn’t work for me. Can I get my money back?

Ticket King has been in the ticket business for more than 30 years. In that time, we have had very few instances of customers who didn’t see the value in our service and inventory. We understand if this preferred status isn’t for you, but we must consider refunds on a case- by-case basis due to the deep discount we are offering through this program. At this time, we are accepting just 100 Ticket King Preferred accounts, so we want to make sure that customers are just as committed to this program as we are. We are happy to answer any questions before you invest.

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